Daniel Arévalo – Photographer and audiovisual producer, CEO Latiza Films, Cuba.



George Céspedes – Cuban Contemporary Dance Choreographer. Leader of the ensemble “director’s children”. @georgecespedes00

Arnaldo Galban – Actor, director and acting teacher.

Graduated in 2010 from the National School of Art in the speciality of Performing Arts. He has worked as an actor for film, television and major Cuban theatre companies such as “Teatro Buendía”, directed by Flora Lauten and “El Ciervo Encantado”, directed by Nelda Castillo.

From 2014 to 2016, he was a professor of acting at the National School of Art and Theatre for Secondary Education.

He has held theatre courses and workshops in Cuba, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland and Egypt.


Fernando Muraca – Italian narrator. He has made fiction films, documentaries, TV series and plays as director, scriptwriter, editor and author of the texts. He has written novels and essays. In the course of his artistic activity, he has dedicated ample space to pedagogical activity. He currently teaches directing at the Gian Maria Volonté School of Cinematographic Art in Rome.

Antonio Maria Baggio – Director of the “Centre for Research in Politics and Human Rights” (PHR)
Professor of “Political Philosophy” at the “Sophia” University Institute (IUS) in Loppiano (Florence)

Gianluca Falconi – Professor of philosophy at pre-university level, Italy. Passionate about music.

Darío García Luzón – Philologist. Professor of philosophical anthropology, Cuba.

Annia Martinez – Philosopher. Professor of Philosophy at the P. Félix Varela Institute of Ecclesiastical Studies, Cuba.

Francesco Baita – Motion Graphic Designer, Italy


Jean-Paul Carradori – Lighting Designer, Italy

Marina Maria Vieira Rosa – Urban architect, Brazil

Ana Cristina Montoya – PhD in Communication, Colombia.
Research professor Sophia University Institute (Italy)
Member of the Sophia project coordination group for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Aymara Vila Rodríguez – Choreographer, prima ballerina, Cuba.
Contemporary dance teacher.

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