The project ‘IN_ TO_WARDS BEAUTY’ offers a unique interdisciplinary artistic programme centred on a vision of ‘Art as a synthesis of a life experience’.


Conferences and Workshops

Courses and Workshops held during the academic year 2022

Yaniry Fariñas García

“I rediscovered that life is not about what can be seen in front of an audience, but about those moments in which the silence and the gazes of the other managed to transform the moments”.

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Adlih Fernández Cribeiro

“I consider the first edition of the course –  Inside and through BEAUTY –  and the second edition of  course – The Creative Passion – as two very different versions”.


Yanela Lázara Rosabalela

“At the time I joined the ‘Creative Passion’ course, I was going through a very complicated situation in my life”. 

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Daniela Gascón Ramírez

“Through the course I understood that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

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Jessica de la Caridad Torres Roque

“I was lucky enough to participate in the DAB project from the beginning and I have noticed a radical change in myself as a person and in the way I see and feel art”.

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Jennifer de la Caridad Torres Roque

“A unique life experience, in which I experienced a process of self-discovery and encounter with the other.”

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Jorge Carlos Carrión Escudero

“[The workshop] Helped me to open up more in the creative process, also in my way of thinking, of acting, and at the same time it helped me to get in touch with other people, artists, experts in every subject who contributed their part to this artistic experience of growth”. 

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Lilibel Pérez Chirolde

“I think it was a door that opened, a possibility. A door that we do not go through leaving out who we are,…”.

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Wendy Pérez Bereijo

“We have all had a wonderful experience within the course, because of the inter-subjective relationships and friendships we have built over these three months”.

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Ernesto Domenech

“The experience was unique. It came at a time when I needed an emotional respite and art was the best way for that”.

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ParticipantS in this project

Daniel Arévalo
George Céspedes
Arnaldo Galban
Fernando Muraca
Antonio María Baggio
Gianluca Falconi
Darío García Luzón
Annia Martinez
Francesco Baita
Jean-Paul Carradori
Marina María Vieira Rosa
Erika Ivacson
Ana Cristina Montoya
Aymara Vila Rodríguez
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