What is DAB?

It is a “space” that encourages the exchange of talents, encounters, sincere dialogue. A space where relationships are at the centre of the artistic process and where each person is valued in his or her integrity and uniqueness.

DAB is an international project that offers an unusual interdisciplinary experience, centred on a vision of Art as synthesis of a life experience. The artistic experiment was born from an idea of Erika Ivacson, as a mature response to one of her most specific artistic and spiritual needs: to discover, through the experience of Beauty, the answers to man’s essential questions; answers capable of generating in each person not only a greater awareness of his uniqueness and identity, but also of sustaining a path marked by responsible choices.

In DAB, theory and practice are in constant dialogue: learn, think, reflect, then experiment, concretise, create. The theoretical dimension provides the necessary tools for an effective and constructive dialogue with everyone. In the practical dimension, ideas take shape through different artistic expressions.

Philosophy, aesthetics and art come together to shed new light on a theme that is fundamental to us: the PERSON; seen through five of its constituent dimensions: physical, spiritual, communicative, social and vocational.

Artist’s proposal:

Erika Ivacson

Visual artist, born in Transylvania (Romania), studied sculpture in Florence (Italy). She collaborated for 16 years with the international art ensemble “Centro Ave Arte” in Loppiano (Florence – Italy). With this ensemble she has created works in Italy, England, Panama, Cameroon and Romania. He has participated in several exhibitions in Italy and Turkey. He has created several interactive exhibitions: Castel Gandolfo (Italy) 2016, Manila (Philippines) 2018, Havana (Cuba) 2022.

“As a person and as an artist, I consider it a duty to search for the true meaning of beauty.

Over the years, a deep need has arisen in me to make a transition from fragmentation to union with the whole. I stopped focusing on life only in the details and turned my gaze towards a continuous discovery of its immensity.

Before creating a new work of art, it is not enough to read, study, investigate, but it is necessary to go inside oneself to bring to the ‘light’ a new and more accomplished synthesis of one’s existence.

Life constantly offers us the chance to enter into a relationship with the than ourselves, with someone who offers us their uniqueness. Each of these encounters represents an opportunity for growth. It is up to us to accept the contrasts and face the mystery of the very existence of the self, in the great challenge of relating to a you”.

Instagram @erikaivacson

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