Frequently asked questions

What does DAB offer?

A unique artistic experience. A process of collective creation and personal growth where, through Conferences, Meetings and Workshops, we try to open spaces for collaboration and dialogue between young people and art professionals.

How long does the project last and who can participate?

From 3 to 12 months. Aimed mainly at young people, aged between 17 and 35.

Can the project be realised anywhere?

Yes, it is possible to realise the project anywhere, as long as there are certain minimum conditions: an institutional sponsor (university, institute, embassy, academy, cultural centre).

How to participate?

The project is presential and to participate you just need to contact the DAB. A moderator will contact you as soon as possible and give you all the information about the possibilities of participation.

How can I bring this event to my university, academy, etc.?

The first step can be to generate interest in academic or institutional authorities to create a space of this nature and promote it.

Who can collaborate at a distance?

All those people or institutions that feel identified with the vision and mission of the project: speakers, sponsors, cultural centres, universities, academies, etc.

How can you support the project?

Collaboration is possible in many ways: by providing a venue to host the project, by donating equipment or materials for art workshops, by offering financial support.

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