September 13, 2023, Old Havana – Interactive performance.

General direction and artistic direction: Erika Ivacson

Choreography: Aymara Vila
Production: Daniel Arévalo
Actors: Adlih Fernández, Adriana Migueles Rodríguez, Alexander Barrero Vaillant, Daniela Gascón Ramírez, Ernesto Domenech, Jennifer Torres Roque, Jessica Torres Roque, Leonardo Romero Negrón, Lianka Real Spech, Marian Hernández Manuz, Marla Almaguer, Yanela Lázara Rosabal, Yaniry Fariñas García, Amelia Domenech. 

Three presentations were made with the DAB project and each had its own characteristic, adapting to a different space but maintaining its own content and expressive power. The third presentation was held in honor of the 10th anniversary of the P. Félix Varela Institute. The artistic presentation starts with an interactive installation involving professional artists, young people, and also the audience. The DAB Project, through the act of creation, is a testimony of mutual growth and the power of art to reveal who we are and who we can become. Art is a human potential that through every movement, every word, and every brushstroke brings us closer to our essence.

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