Month: February 2022

Identity – Body – Uniqueness

22.02.2022 – Erika Ivacson – Visual Artist – Conference
Identity – Body – Uniqueness
Who am I?
Who is the artist in their identity as a person in relation to their personal vocation?
Dialogue as the cornerstone between the changing reality and the manipulation of the situation through artistic expression.

The visible mystery is beauty

15.02.2022 – Erika Ivacson – Visual Artist – Conference
project presentation
The visible mystery is beauty.

What is the space that beauty occupies in all the ways it manifests itself? What role does appearance play?
A key to understanding beauty as the ‘appearance of life’ and how to mediate contrasts.
We do not want to be in a prefabricated world where we might feel like prisoners, but the present is the space where I can put my consciousness into action and gain personal freedom.

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