23.033.2023 – Throughout the workshop we seek to raise awareness of the inevitability of recognising movement in each of us and in the environment around us.


23.03.2023 – The mirror of one’s own identity
Identity, like a unique and precious ‘silk thread’, has its unmistakable colour and brilliance, but a thread finds its sense of existence if it manages to create a fabric. We human beings, the weaving, the weft of the fabric, we weave it with another thread because we are related beings.


Identifying the invisible part of one’s own identity requires instruments and a dynamic that opens up a process, stimulating the capacity to capture the most intimate part of reality and express it from within.


I was in a forest with a lake, there was a sky blue and many clouds, different kinds of birds were singing and butterflies were flying among the flowers. It was a space that gave me a lot of tranquillity and harmony. In that universe I was in relationship with nature, as Martin Buber points out in his book ‘YOU and ME, the first sphere of relationship is life with nature’. Adlih Fernández


04.05.2023 – Welcoming myself, accepting and listening to myself, being with myself, living with myself.
Pau Ricoeur’s answer to the internal question of identity is based on narrative theory. Ricoeur says that man understands himself to the extent that he narrates himself.
It seems very interesting because it really is something we do every day, we relate to others, we make our life a narrative, but here the comment I would like to make is: How do we relate to ourselves?

Visible and invisible: the relationship as bridge.

3.5.2022 – Fernando Muraca – Lecture/Workshop
Visible and invisible: the relationship as bridge.
The boys came in and I could not greet them with words because I did not know Spanish. At a certain point as they arrived, I realised that each one was different, with his or her own story, and I started to draw empty hearts on the blackboard, one for each of them. Then we started and I asked them to write on each heart the words with which they felt most identified. We started, from the heart, as if we had known each other forever. We had Erika in common, we were all her friends.

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