POST DATE – Theatrical performance

HAVANA: 17 December 2022, Cuba
POST DATE – Theatrical performance.

Managing Director: Erika Ivacson
Artistic direction: Arnaldo Galban
Written text: Shabely Bottle of Charity in collaboration with Arnaldo Galban
Theme development: Fr. Ariel Suárez, Ernesto Domenech, Wendy Pérez Bereijo
Musicians: Adrian Jesús Cabrera Biblonia, Vilmarys Rodríguez
Graphics: Wendy Pérez Bereijo, Veronika Breuer
Photographers: Veronika Breuer, Eloy Rodríguez
Set Design: Audrey Alfonso Morell, Cynthia Deus Fegundo
Actors: Lilibel Pérez Chirolde, Marla Almaguer Quiñones, Jorge Carlos Carrión Escudero, Juan Leandro Azcuy, Gen Torres Roque, Jessica Torres Roque, César Cardoso Moreno.
Production and recording: Daniel Arévalo

Wendy Pérez Bereijo’s description of the creative process: ‘Post-Data was a journey of acceptance. All of us who have been immersed in this process have understood, in a concrete practice, what it means to feel a naked person, to experience pain and to see the vulnerabilities of the other. This helped me to understand that we need to welcome the Other with a capital “Other” (his or her history, culture, body and, most importantly, relationships). This journey was embodied in concrete stories, in reflective debates, in meetings with friends, in tears and hugs. All this represented a vivid process of creating art, which materialised as a unity in a play. It may be said that it was not perfect, nor the best of its kind, but one thing is certain, it was experienced by us as the best work in the world.”

POST DATE – Theatrical performance
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