Adlih Fernández Cribeiro

2023 – Creative Passion – Cuba

I consider the first edition of the course –  Inside and through BEAUTY –  and the second edition of  course – The Creative Passion – as two very different versions. The reason for this is that my pathway has  evolved and I am interested and new expressions. But, if there is one thing that both editions have in common, it is that they have helped me to step out of my comfort zone.

In the first edition I faced an unknown space, with unknown people who afterwards  became friends and companions in my journey towards the (re)discovery of beauty.

In the second edition I overcame my stage fright, and participated in the exercise movement  behind  the curtains.

Therefore, I can  affirm that these experiences have been two turning points in my life that transformed me. I have changed the way of relating to people in my circle and valuing them. Also I have changed my way of thinking and doing things, and seeing them from a different point of view.

Beauty is a subjective term. One of the most beautiful things is life for me, because  is to compare it to a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly. It is a process in constant transformation that has different stages, some are painful and others are joyful.

In 2023 I learned to look at, think  and  reflect on things in a different way. I  learned that in our life there are people who come to teach us something and then they leave and this teaching can be painful but it was the needed method required to learn. There are also people who have been in your life and suddenly leave, and others who arrive apparently for a brief  period and end up staying.

Adlih Fernández Cribeiro
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