Daniela Gascón Ramírez

2023 – Creative Passion – Cuba

Through the course I understood that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

I understood that it is the way of appreciating life and each of its details that really makes the difference. So I started by looking at myself, looking inside myself to discover the beauty that I held and then I could offer it to the world and see everything around me with it.

These resources (beauty) that I discovered in me were various, such as empathy, affection and kindness. That is why I no longer look at the ugly, cruel or inhuman around me. I use my beauty in every step I take and I am able to see with empathy and kindness all the good that is out there.

All this thanks to art, thanks to the course and the tools it gave me. Maybe the world is still the same, but now I see it with the colours and beauty I discovered in me.

Daniela Gascón Ramírez
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