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Ernesto Domenech

2022 – Inside and through BEAUTY – Cuba

The experience was unique. It came at a time when I needed an emotional respite and art was the best way for that. [The course] gave me an opportunity to meet and share with fantastic people, create together, discuss various topics and learn. It really changed my life, the socialising made me much more empathetic, sensitive and respectful towards otherness. In the end it gave me something huge, love. It is something worth repeating.

Wendy Pérez Bereijo

2022 – Inside and through BEAUTY – Cuba

We have all had a wonderful experience within the course, because of the inter-subjective relationships and friendships we have built over these three months. We all felt that the time we had was quite short, which means we did something good.

Lilibel Pérez Chirolde

2022 – Inside and through BEAUTY – Cuba

I think it was a door that opened, a possibility. A door that we do not go through leaving out who we are, but entering with all our experiences, carrying that  backpack that sometimes weighs us down and that I now feel is lighter. I feel it has helped us to be more ourselves, to discover what we have inside and who surrounds me.

Jorge Carlos Carrión Escudero

2022 – Inside and through BEAUTY – Cuba

[The workshop] Helped me to open up more in the creative process, also in my way of thinking, of acting, and at the same time it helped me to get in touch with other people, artists, experts in every subject who contributed their part to this artistic experience of growth.

Jennifer de la Caridad Torres Roque

2022 – Inside and through BEAUTY – Cuba

A unique life experience, in which I experienced a process of self-discovery and encounter with the other. It allowed me to break all my barriers. It changed my vision of art and life in general. I realised that sharing is the most beautiful thing when creating, because that is where the most beautiful things in life come from.

Jessica de la Caridad Torres Roque

2023 – Creative Passion – Cuba

I was lucky enough to participate in the DAB project from the beginning and I have noticed a radical change in myself as a person and in the way I see and feel art.

In general, all these courses have helped me to reinvent myself. This is vital in our lives, we can’t live stuck in the “I can’t do it”. The course has helped me to forget about what others might say about what I do, it has helped me to really live and only art can do that. My relationship with art has changed radically, I have always liked contemplating art more, but now I also like to create, even if I don’t want to dedicate myself professionally to it. This course gave me the push to join my school choir, to make a self-portrait, to photograph others even though I have no idea about painting or photography. This course has the capacity to eliminate, the feeling of shame in me, prejudices about myself and others and I believe that this is only possible when the people behind it all are able to make us, those who are part of it, feel that we are in a safe, welcoming place. There is nothing more beautiful than learning from others and feeling at home with people you barely know by name and DAB has achieved that too.

I feel like a totally different person and I honestly feel very different on a daily basis. It’s a long job, it’s not a one day’s work, but this course has helped me to get rid of the feeling of shame and the limits that I set for myself. It has helped me to enjoy myself, art and the experience of seeing the other as a gift, as an instrument to help me to be better.

I think my experience in this project has a lot to do with beauty. I believe that beauty is a way of contemplating the good, of manifesting the good in this world, and through art we are able to personify that beauty, which seems something abstract but which is within us, and art is the means to bring out the beauty within us, to highlight the beauty of things and people.

2022 – Inside and through BEAUTY – Cuba

We all have the capacity to create art, it is we ourselves who set limits. This course is necessary to discover within ourselves how to bring out all that is artistic, the art we carry within us, and I think it was a very useful experience for everyone.

Daniela Gascón Ramírez

2023 – Creative Passion – Cuba

Through the course I understood that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

I understood that it is the way of appreciating life and each of its details that really makes the difference. So I started by looking at myself, looking inside myself to discover the beauty that I held and then I could offer it to the world and see everything around me with it.

These resources (beauty) that I discovered in me were various, such as empathy, affection and kindness. That is why I no longer look at the ugly, cruel or inhuman around me. I use my beauty in every step I take and I am able to see with empathy and kindness all the good that is out there.

All this thanks to art, thanks to the course and the tools it gave me. Maybe the world is still the same, but now I see it with the colours and beauty I discovered in me.

Yanela Lázara Rosabalela

2023 – Creative Passion – Cuba

At the time I joined the ‘Creative Passion’ course, I was going through a very complicated situation in my life. I had fears, insecurities and more over I had been let down by important people. 

Actually,  I can honestly say that this course has changed my life for the better for several reasons.

The course,  through art, has healed my inner fears, and channeled my insecurities with movement exercises and meeting others. 

Secondly, I met beautiful people who I feel are now part of me, and I am part of them.

Thirdly, I was able to learn about the multiple connotations of identity and how it can be a symptom of integration and disintegration at the simultaneously. 

Fourthly, I was able to see life with different eyes, that is, with optimism and hope for a better future.

 This opportunity gave me back the desire to dream, and to believe in the process of change and transformation in a collective way, and also as an individual. 

If I had to highlight something unique and extraordinary about this course, it is the possibility it offers to the participants to be themselves, without fear of being judged, rejected or offended by others.  It is a space of not only creative freedom, but also cultural, identity and artistic freedom. This makes it possible that at the end of this wonderful time together, I felt like a student and a teacher at every stage of the process, because I learned from everyone and I feel that my classmates also learned from me. My perceptions of beauty today are less demanding and more just. Moreover beauty lies in the ability to accept, even in the midst of diversity, the sublimity of being authentic.

Yaniry Fariñas García

2022 – Inside and through BEAUTY – Cuba

I rediscovered that life is not about what can be seen in front of an audience, but about those moments in which the silence and the gazes of the other managed to transform the moments. For me, it was a way to heal my relationship with myself and with the world, in such a simple way, because I like it when we hear: “Your presence alone is enough, no matter how much you can or cannot contribute”.

The freedom to be, to live in the now, without being upset with the past, or despairing about the future, I was able to achieve it in that space, because the dialogue of my teacher who encouraged me to let go, who emanated empathy, and the faces of my classmates, in whom one could see the fear of showing oneself, a collective fear, motivated me to lower my defences. I could feel part of what was happening, although my intentions were never to integrate, because when one decides to open up, to stop holding back what weighs us down, and we recognise it in front of a group, healing will follow. In the little things, almost without speaking, without trying to prove anything, that’s when I discovered that all I needed was to be myself. So nothing is the same for me after the workshop. I continue on a path of constant openness towards the other, I am not indifferent to the insignificant, whether it be moments of silence, of contact with others, because I know that I can find myself there.

Beauty is to be found in everything. I don’t believe that there is anything without a hint of beauty. But when we refer to it, as far as I can understand, we are referring to that intrinsic need that man has to look for solutions, ways out, perhaps a search for truth, or good, for something that transcends us; even in austere circumstances. Seen in this way, although I don’t think I understand the true meaning of this concept, the search for beauty is something we all have innate, and I don’t think there is any human being who doesn’t search for it, even if we walk in the opposite direction towards perdition, because we all try to see the light in the darkness, we are not beings of darkness. And I did see beauty in the carvers.

Where did I see it? Well, in every activity that was done, a great beauty emanated, because every act, both the classes that were taught, which were tools that allowed self-knowledge, and the practical classes, allowed the creation of spaces where it was conducive to see beyond the simple appearance. Meeting the other is a leap that will allow us to find ourselves, and I see the beauty precisely in those tools that brought out some of the inner misery, making us focus on the face of the other, and see glimpses of the truth. For me, there is no quicker way to understand the world than to try to understand another being, human connections save, empathy, too, and beauty undoubtedly joins them.

Adlih Fernández Cribeiro

2023 – Creative Passion – Cuba

I consider the first edition of the course –  Inside and through BEAUTY –  and the second edition of  course – The Creative Passion – as two very different versions. The reason for this is that my pathway has  evolved and I am interested and new expressions. But, if there is one thing that both editions have in common, it is that they have helped me to step out of my comfort zone.

In the first edition I faced an unknown space, with unknown people who afterwards  became friends and companions in my journey towards the (re)discovery of beauty.

In the second edition I overcame my stage fright, and participated in the exercise movement  behind  the curtains.

Therefore, I can  affirm that these experiences have been two turning points in my life that transformed me. I have changed the way of relating to people in my circle and valuing them. Also I have changed my way of thinking and doing things, and seeing them from a different point of view.

Beauty is a subjective term. One of the most beautiful things is life for me, because  is to compare it to a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly. It is a process in constant transformation that has different stages, some are painful and others are joyful.

In 2023 I learned to look at, think  and  reflect on things in a different way. I  learned that in our life there are people who come to teach us something and then they leave and this teaching can be painful but it was the needed method required to learn. There are also people who have been in your life and suddenly leave, and others who arrive apparently for a brief  period and end up staying.

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