Month: April 2022

Theatre as a social observatory

23.4.2022 – Arnaldo Galban – Actor – Workshop
Theatre as a social observatory.
Construction of characters and scenes from the investigation of local social issues and improvisation. Art as a result of the experiences of those who create it and those who perceive it.


9.4.2022 – Arnaldo Galban – Actor – Workshop
Its social and artistic function, its relationship with identity. Introduction to the technique of improvisation and acting with masks described in the book Impro by Keith Johnstone.

Encounter – Relationship – Diversity

5.4.2022 – Gianluca Falconi – Conference
Encounter – Relationship – Diversity
What does it mean to ‘recognise’ the other?
The real man is not ‘equal’: he is by nature unique, i.e. different. And this is not said by reflection, but by observation of reality: no two human beings are the same. Each uniquely embodies their own humanity and it is precisely in this embodiment that their inalienable dignity resides.

Theatre as relational art

2.4.2022 – Arnaldo Galban – Actor – Workshop
Theatre as relational art.
Acting on behalf of the other. The importance of listening and interpersonal relations in the process of theatre creation. Group creation exercises. The theatre company as a plural, diverse and living organism.

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