Month: March 2022

The emotional body

26.03.2022 – Arnaldo Galban – Actor – Workshop
The emotional body.
The body as a channel for emotions. The importance of body language and non-verbal communication. Introduction to the psycho-physical training proposal by teacher Nelda Castillo and the El Ciervo Encantado group.

Morals and art, a general introduction

22.03.2022 – Annia Martínez –  Philosopher – Conference
Morals and art, a general introduction.
Since antiquity, the moral theme (conduct) has been central to human reflection, both for its implications in concrete personal life and for its social repercussions. Distinguishing good from evil is perhaps the most difficult part of our existence, hence the need to question the objectivity or otherwise of both elements, the consequences of a relative or nihilistic stance, the real capacity for full knowledge of morality, etc. The possibility to choose is an expression of human freedom, but is this freedom absolute; is it possible to choose the infinite?; or to be even more specific, can we consciously choose evil? These are some of the questions this conference seeks to answer in view of a dialogue with the field of art and the specific category of beauty.

What motivates us to move?

19.03.2022 – George Céspedes – Choreographer – Workshop
What motivates us to move?
Some actions are performed consciously and others unconsciously. The sender, i.e. the one who performs the movement, knows in a certain way the motivation that drives him to move; while at other times it is a mystery. On the other hand, for the receiver, who observes the action (the movement), the motivation will almost always be unknown; since it will depend on various mediations: social, cultural, political, religious, historical, academic, professional, cognitive and contextual to interpret the message.

The essence of movement

12.03.2022 – George Céspedes – Choreographer – Workshop
The essence of movement.

Movement is shaped by physicality and expressiveness. The former is the physical capacity of a body to move, in other words, the different types of techniques to move. For its part, the second is translated as the different languages that need to be expressed through movement.
The essence of movement is energy. This is that sublime emanation
of the brain; expressiveness neither physical nor verbal. In short, it is what moves art and everything around us.

Creativity and artistic work in the crucible of ‘relationship’

08.03.2022 – Fernando Muraca – Director – Conference
Creativity and artistic work in the crucible of ‘relationship’.

Pavel Florensky writes in this regard: ‘It is truth that determines reason and makes knowledge a true encounter with the other, that is, an event, a being with the other […] Knowledge is a true “exit” from self-knowledge, that is, a true “entry” into the other, a true union of the two.

My body, my space

1.3.2022 – Gianluca Falconi – Philosopher – Conference
My body, my space.
Birth and care, beauty and personal fulfilment, prison, violence, wounds.

“Today I would especially like to explore with you three major themes evoked by these words: birth as a place of innocence, care as a place of gratuitousness, and prison as a place of choice.”

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